New Steward Openings: 11/30/22

Brothers and Sisters,

Please find the below open Steward positions:


(1) – 1st SHIFT BATH/EBMF D17/T04

(1) – 1st SHIFT BATH/EBMF D09/O04

(1) – 1st SHIFT BATH/EBMF D50/S40

(2) – 1st SHIFT BATH/EBMF D19/E02

(1) – 2nd SHIFT BATH/EBMF Maintenance (M03, M20, M21) D07/M04, and D09/O04


Shop Steward nominations for the above classification(s), shift, and facility are now open.  Petitions may be picked up beginning on Thursday, December 1, 2022, at the Local S6 Union Hall.

 You must be a member in good standing for one (1) year to run for Shop Steward and the petition must be signed by ten percent (10%) of the members in the classification(s) affected.

 All petitions must be returned to the Recording Secretary (Ryan Ryder) no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, December 16, 2022.

Steward and Committee Update: 10/21/22

Brothers and Sisters,

Please find below your new Stewards and Committees..


Name Represented Classification Shift
Steve Gagnon C02, S18 1st
Chris Will C70, Y02 1st
Clint Downer E02 1st
Angela McCarren E02 1st
John Cabral III H18 1st
Eric Severy I02 1st
Brian Garrett O04 1st
Devin Ragnar M04 1st
Matthew Cram Maintenance, T12 1st
Nathan Wallace Maintenance, T12 1st
Matt Wooten P10, P06 1st
Rick Sites Jr. P10, P06 1st
Jason O’Leary P18 1st
Donald Driver P18 1st
Mark Cyr S02, S06 1st
Levi Benner S40, L40 1st
Matthew Toothaker S40, L40 1st
Mike Day S40, L40 1st
Michael McGuire T04 1st
Roger Willeford Jr T04 1st
Ken Wright W12 1st
Timothy Halle W12 1st
Jeremy Fortin W12 1st
Brad Farrell General Steward EBMF 1st
Scott MacDonald E02 2nd
Nate Murray E02 2nd
Kevin McFadden H18, C70, Y02 2nd
N/A Maintenance, M04, O04 2nd
Terry Frost General Steward 2nd
Bob MacArthur P10, S06, S02 2nd
Airika Beaulieu P10, S06, S02 2nd
Isaak Spain P18, T04 2nd
Matt Dustin W12, S40, L40 2nd
John Johnson W12, S40, L40 2nd
Mark Queeney I02, C02, S18 2nd
Travis Hooper All Trades 3rd
Cliff Hooper All Trades, General Steward 3rd



Josh Johnstone C70, Y02 1st
Tim Marquis L40, W12 1st
Rob Hale Maint, P10, S02, S06 1st
Todd Biswell S40 1st
Danielle Koughan T04, H18 1st
Dan Mack M04 1st
Jake Frost C02, H18, M03, M20, M21, P10,(CW/Ace/Bissons/Arrow Hart) 1st
Clayton Reid C70, S06, S40, P10, Y02, S02, Maint 2nd
Donald Curtis H18, L40, T04, M04 & W12 2nd


Benefits Committee

Glenn Burroughs

Randy Levesque

Donyule Rector

Dave Sparks 2nd Shift

Community Services

Travis Fish

Cole Hibl

Trinity Driscoll

Dave Sparks

Kevin Lucas                 

Education Committee

Raymond Orff

Shawn Randall

Don Driver

April Austin

Legislative Committee

Tim Suitter

Doug Hall

Ryan Ryder

Stephen Stewart

Scott MacDonald

 Organizing Committee 

Ryan Ryder

Stephen Stewart

Brad Farrell

Matt Dustin

Tim Halle

Safety Committee                          

Shawn Randall

Matt Dustin

Donald Driver

Raymond Orff

John Cabral III

Women’s Committee   

Cole Hibl

April Austin

Allisa Reno

Travis Fish

Tarra Sheerer

Veterans Committee    

Brandt McCollett

Travis Fish

Erick Ryder

Shane Sours

Roger Willeford Jr


In Solidarity,

Local S6 Leadership