In early January of this year, the IAM Veterans Services program launched an effort to identify IAM member-veterans throughout the organization. Application forms were sent to all districts and locals across the country.

The project continues its success through outreach into all IAM represented workplaces. This brings forth increased awareness, interest and participation. Our objective remains to identify and register IAM-member veterans within every Territory in the organization. We want veterans to know the IAM Veterans Services Steering Committee (VSSC) is here for them.

The committee, formally established by convention action in 2016 is assigned to:

  • Provide assistance, guidance, and pertinent information on all issues and concerns related to the rights to employment, retention, military benefits and the betterment of IAMAW military veterans.
  • Help identify and report on current and emerging barriers for IAMAW military veterans.
  • Develop and support communications and networking opportunities to share information on pertinent matters related to IAM-Military Veterans.
  • Strengthen the IAM by building solidarity and commitment among IAMAW military veterans.
  • Encourage District and local lodges to form Veterans Services Committees.

The IAM Veterans Services Program seeks your assistance to accomplish this mission. For easier access, we upgraded the system to an electronic registration process.

Please encourage veterans to sign up by forwarding this message. Just click here to submit your information form.


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