Friday, October 30, 2020

We have two (2) openings for Local S6 Delegate to District Lodge 4 for the remainder of the term. If interested, all names need to be turned in by end of business on Monday, November, 30th, 2020.

Delegates and alternates shall be elected for a four (4) year term by the Local Lodge. No member shall be eligible to be nominated as a delegate or alternate to represent the members of the Local Lodge unless he has been a fully paid-up member of his Local Lodge in continuous good standing for twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding the month in which the nominations for delegates are made.

No person shall be eligible to be seated as a delegate of any Local Lodge unless he has continued to be a full paid-up member in good standing in his Local Lodge throughout the period between his nomination and election as a delegate and the District meeting.

Delegates meet twice (2) a year with the District Lodge and report on the Local Lodge’s recent activity, as well as weigh in on district-related business matters.

Leadership Alert: Committee Update 10/30/20


 Friday, October 30, 2020

Benefits Committee Education Committee
Glenn Burroughs Raymond Orff
Randy Levesque Shawn Randall
Rick Poulin Krystal Albert
Dave Sparks 2nd Shift Dan Skelton

Safety Committee Organizing Committee
Matt Dustin Levi Benner
Rick Sites Chris Williams
Donald Driver Jeremy Fortin
Raymond Orff Rick Sites
Shawn Randall Kevin Gayton
Dan Beck  
Bob MacArthur  
David Oleyar  

Community Services Legislative Committee
Krystal Albert Tim Suitter
Richard Doyle Doug Hall
Melissa McMullen Ryan Ryder
Tarra Sheerer Stephen Stewart
Trinity Driscoll Brad Farrell

Veterans Committee Womens Committee
Brandt McCollett Krystal Albert
Andrew Lambert April Austin
Valentin Alvarado Allisa Reno
Shane Sours Melissa McMullen
Terry Frost Tarra Sheerer
  Sorale Black



Leadership Alert: Steward Update 10/30/20


Friday, October 30, 2020




Represented Classification Shift
Dan Chadbourne C02, S18 1st
Kevin Gayton C70, Y02 1st
Clint Downer E02 1st
David Clukey E02 1st
Shawn Tardif E02 1st
Curtis McCulloch H18 1st
Sean Coughtrie I02 1st
Eric Severy I02 1st
Patrick Wenners O04 1st
Randy Johnson O04 1st
Philip Moulton M04 1st
Dylan Forrest Maintenance, T12 1st
Mark Jones Maintenance, T12 1st
Marc Bubar P10, P06 1st
Andy James P10, P06 1st
Jami Bellefleur P10, P06 1st
Ryan Ryder P18 1st
Donald Driver P18 1st
Mark Cyr S02, S06 1st
Levi Benner S40, L40 1st
Chris Williams S40, L40 1st
Bill Barrows S40, L40 1st
Jon Mitchell T04 1st
Brad Farrell T04 1st
Nick Plaisted W12 1st
Richard Dumond W12 1st
Jeremy Fortin W12 1st
Levi Benner General Steward EBMF 1st
Kelley Ammons E02 2nd
Nate Murray E02 2nd
Richard Doyle H18, C70, Y02 2nd
Trinity Driscoll Maintenance, M04, O04 2nd
Terry Frost P10, S06, S02, General Steward 2nd
Bob MacArthur P10, S06, S02 2nd
Corey Soucy P18, T04 2nd
Dan Skelton W12, S40, L40 2nd
Timothy Halle W12, S40, L40 2nd
Cliff Hooper All Trades, General Steward 3rd
Travis Hooper All Trades 3rd


Name Represented Classification Shift
Tim Malia C70, Y02 1st
Donyule Rector L40, W12 1st
Rob Hale Maint, P10, S02, S06 1st
Todd Biswell S40 1st
Lucas Cole T04, H18 1st
David Oleyar III M04 1st
Kyle Moore C02, H18, M03, M20, M21, P10

(CW/Ace/Bissons/Arrow Hart)

Shane Sours C70, S06, S40, P10, Y02, S02, Maint 2nd
Donald Curtis H18, L40, T04, M04 & W12 2nd

Have You Voted Yet?

We wanted to check in to make sure you have voted or have a plan to vote in this very important election.

Visit iam2020.org to get all the information you need to vote.

You may remember that IAM members voted to endorse Joe Biden in a first-of-its-kind membership vote this March. Click here to view the IAM’s endorsed U.S. Senate candidates.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will:

Defend the Voices of Machinists Union Members: Joe Biden will fight against anti-union “right to work” laws.

Protect Our Health and Keep Us Safe: Joe Biden will make sure employers aren’t risking our health and our lives during this pandemic.

Secure Our Retirement: Joe Biden will work hard to make sure all our retirement plans are protected.

The stakes couldn’t be higher in this election, so please make your voice heard. Visit iam2020.org and make a plan to vote today.

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