2020 Negotiations Day 4

Here we go Brothers and Sisters! 

The Company passed a few articles, one of the worst so far was “CONCEPTUAL PROPOSAL ON ARTICLE 11, OVERTIME” The Local Lodge President fired back upon receiving this garbage calling it a kick in the balls to our members and a union-busting tactic that won’t be tolerated. Going on to say that we will share this shit with our members and with the Company’s flagrant mismanagement of Article 3, Responsibilities, and all the flexibility and efficiencies how can we possibly be further behind. 

Excuses, excuses, excuses, is the only noise that came out of the Company’s mouth, don’t worry, we hit the mute button. 

BE ON THE LOOKOUT, the Negotiating Committee is putting out an alert today on other information based on more wants from Company proposals that will make you sick.

This process is so painful, we caught BIW’s General Council struggling to keep his eyes open. One time, a member of our committee timed him for 21 seconds.

All these updates that have been written and will continue to be written are by the committee and posted on our LS6 Facebook page. We appreciate all the members sharing and supporting us. 

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Negotiating Committee.

2020 Negotiations Day 3

Reporting on contract negotiations day 3. Our Negotiating Committee spent the morning finalizing the remainder of their first proposals. They have been working diligently to make sure they stay on track.

Doing so, the Company responded to the Union today with 1 conceptual proposal, that’s right, conceptual! This is based on a negotiating style called “Interest Based Bargaining”. The Company proposes questions so the Union can provide answers so they now know how to formulate their formal proposal and spin it like they used the Unions ideas to create it. The committee will absolutely not participate in this process. Typical move by the Company where their abilities to manage consistently falls short but desire more control with free answers from the union. NOT HAPPENING!

Our Negotiations Committee is now in a position where the Company owes them counter proposals on 15 different articles but has yet to provide them. Our committee owes the Company NONE! They are trying to hold us hostage on all economic proposals and refusing to give us any work.

One could surmise that they want to hold out because they’re planning on jamming it up are ass and try to steal our seniority in the final days. When the Company finally passes the Union some of its proposals, the committee will share the information as it comes in. They will continue to stand up, stand strong, and stand united to negotiate a fair contract. More updates will come tomorrow….

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Leadership


2020 IAM Scholarship Winners

2020 IAM Scholarship Winners

The IAM is pleased to announce the 2020 Scholarship winners. An impartial committee of educators selected 16 recipients for this year’s awards. We congratulate the winners and thank all those who participated in the competition.

Brooklyn F. Manning, Local 1943Riley A. Dalrymple, LL 2920Nolan R. Gerdes, Local 47Sierra M. Macauley – ROMAN MAYFIELD WINNER, Local 751CAndrea Mondoy-Honaker , Local 2202Victor Acosta, Local 914Connor M. Wiseman, Local 66Amanda M. Wilson, Local 742Tara L.C. Whitbread, Local 1848William Samuel Boyle, Local 2603Carrie M. Balzar, Local 822Dawsen William Foreman, Local 692Daisy Sanchez, Local 2121Megan A. Frank, Local 776ARobert Luca, Local 478Laura Elizabeth Kelton, Local 754Honorable MentionsReview Committee
<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Brooklyn F. Manning, Local 1943“>

Brooklyn F. Manning
Parent: Brian Manning – LL 1943
Company: AK Steel Middletown Works
College: Ohio State University
Major: Animal Science

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Riley A. Dalrymple, LL 2920“>

Riley A. Dalrymple
Parent: Scott Dalrymple – LL 2920
Company: DynCorp Int.
College: Life University
Major: Exercise Science/Athletic Training

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Nolan R. Gerdes, Local 47“>

Nolan R. Gerdes

Parent: Arlen Gerdes – LL 47
Company: Y-Tech Service
College: University of Wyoming
Major: Chemical Engineering

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Sierra M. Macauley – ROMAN MAYFIELD WINNER, Local 751C“>

Parent: LL 751C
Company: Boeing (retired)
College: Southern Union State Community College/Auburn University
Major: Speech Language Pathology

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Andrea Mondoy-Honaker , Local 2202“>

Andrea Mondoy-Honaker – (Member)
LL 2202 – Company: Alaska Airlines
College: SUNY Empire State College
Major: Business Management

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Victor Acosta, Local 914“>

Victor Acosta – (Member)
LL 914 – Company: United Airlines
College: Western Governor University
Major: Business Management

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Connor M. Wiseman, Local 66“>

Connor M. Wiseman
Parent: Danny Wiseman, Jr. – LL 66
Company: Molson Coors Beverage Company
College: Carthage College
Major: Neuroscience and Psychology

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Amanda M. Wilson, Local 742“>

Amanda M. Wilson
Parent: Robert Wilson – LL 742
Company: Argonne National Laboratory
College: Illinois Wesleyan University
Major: Biology

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Tara L.C. Whitbread, Local 1848“>

Tara L.C. Whitbread
Parent: Dennis Whitbread – LL 1848
Company: Hudbay (retired)
College: University of Saskatchewan
Major: Bachelor of Science

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="William Samuel Boyle, Local 2603“>

William Samuel Boyle
Parent: Gayleen Boyle – LL 2603
Company: Air Canada
College: South Dakota State University
Major: Physics

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Carrie M. Balzar, Local 822“>

Carrie M. Balzar (Vo-Tech)
Parent: Sue Balzar – LL 822
Company: Liberty Community District #2
College: John Wood Community College
Major: Business

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Dawsen William Foreman, Local 692“>

Dawsen William Foreman (Vo-Tech)
Parent: Brian Foreman – LL 692
Company: Pro Mac Manufacturing
College: Vancouver Island University
Major: Engineering

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Daisy Sanchez, Local 2121“>

Daisy Sanchez
Parent: Joel Sanchez – LL 2121
Company: Thyssen Krupp Airport Systems
College: Yale University
Major: Psychology

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Megan A. Frank, Local 776A“>

Megan A. Frank
Parent: James Frank, Jr. – LL 776A
Company: Lockheed
College: University of Texas at Austin
Major: Biochemistry

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Robert Luca, Local 478“>

Robert Luca
Parent: Sergiu Luca – LL 478
Company: BNSF
College: Northwestern University
Major: Chemistry and Biology (Pre-med)

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Laura Elizabeth Kelton, Local 754“>

Laura Elizabeth Kelton
Parent: James Kelton – LL 754
Company: Long Island Railroad
College: Stevenson University
Major: Fashion Merchandising

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Honorable Mentions“>

Kaitlyn N. Brown
Parent: William Brown
LL 1529 -Company: Amphenol (Sidney)

Keaton Alexander Enfinger (Vo-Tech)
Parent: Robert Efinger
LL 2003 – Company: MI Support Services

Shane A. Schroeder
Parent: Sean Schroeder
LL 1943 – Company: AK Steel

Mohammad Yasin Abbas (Vo-Tech)
Parent: Karrar Abbas
LL 16 – Company: Swissport Canada

Daniel H. Vuong
Parent: Yen Luu
LL 751C – Company: Boeing

Alessio Ziel (Member)
LL 1947 –
Company: Mercury Outboard

Kaitlynn L. Spino
Parent: Tony V. Spino
LL 1951 – Company: Republic Services

Danielle Wright (Member)
LL T626
Company: New Jersey Transit

Ashlyn C. Miller
Parent: David Miller
LL 1010 – Company: American Ordinance

Kathleen Outland
Parent: Jeffery Outland
LL 1720 -Company: Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Sebastian C. Deyoe-Snyder
Parent: Sandra Deyoe
LL 254 – Company: Des Moines Public Library

Haylee-Sue Burgess
Parent: Thomas Burgess
LL 65 – Company: TVA

Lindsay Paige Laviolette
Parent: David Laviolette
LL 1763 – Company: Air Canada

Hannah Mumpower
Parent: Justin Mumpower
LL 378 – Company: BNSF Railway

Megan Joan Duifhuis
Parent: James Duifhuis
LL 692 – Company: Cullen Diesel Power

Joseph Triano
Parent: Gary Triano
LL 914 – Company: United Airlines

<div class="su-tabs-pane su-u-clearfix su-u-trim" data-title="Review Committee“>

2020 Review Committee 

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Machinists Stand Against Roll Back of Paycheck Protection Job Provisions

May 28, 2020 | iMail

The IAM, the Transportation Communications Union (TCU-IAM) and 14 other unions are pushing Congress to drop a corporate-backed proposal to roll back job retention requirements in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

The PPP, a small business loan program created by the CARES Act, was created to keep people working by protecting their paychecks and benefits.

However, legislation that passed the House of Representatives Thursday would drop the requirement that employers use at least 75 percent of PPP funds for payroll expenses, including benefits. The House-passed legislation places the requirement at 60 percent.

The IAM is fighting to preserve the full 75 percent requirement in any legislation that is signed into law.

“Instead of giving up on the job retention goal of the PPP, we implore you to stay focused on defeating the Trump-McConnell agenda of cutting unemployment benefits, gutting workplace safety standards, and most egregiously, eliminating any employer liability for unsafe conditions for workers and customers,” the unions write.

The proposal would also extend the period PPP recipients could spend the funds from eight weeks to 24 weeks.

“Now is not the time to fold; now is the time to fight,” the unions wrote. “We respectfully ask you to hold firm for job retention as a goal in the PPP as well as any other federal coronavirus rescue programs.”

Read the entire letter here.

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NASA’s Return to Space Rescheduled for Saturday

May 28, 2020 | iMail

The IAM, the largest union at NASA, will have to wait a few more days to witness the first launch of NASA astronauts into space from U.S. soil in nearly a decade.

Wednesday’s launch was scrubbed due to weather, but the mission, dubbed Launch America, has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 30 at 3:22 p.m. ET. Two astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, will travel to the International Space Station from NASA’s Launch Complex 39A in Cape Canaveral, FL.

While the launch is being carried out in part by SpaceX, a non-union space company, IAM Local 2061 members who work at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center remain a critical part of ensuring a successful mission. From life support technicians to fuel handlers, the work of IAM members is found in many facets of this launch.

Watch the launch broadcast live on NASA TV beginning Saturday at 11 a.m. ET.

The IAM will have further coverage on the launch next week.

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