The Air Transport Territory recently had the 13 newest IAM General Chairpersons touch down at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center for the General Chairs Orientation Program.

The IAM District General Chairs spent the week learning about the airline industry, the duty of fair representation, constitutional requirements, retirement and pension basics, strategic resources, and effective communications with the membership. This curriculum helps the new General Chairs better understand their leadership role and duties to the members they serve.

“The Air Transport Territory appreciates the space and training provided by the Winpisinger Center,” said IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President Richard Johnsen. “We are excited about this new group of General Chairs who have proven themselves as leaders in their locals. Our Territory, along with Districts 141 and 142, believes our members should have leaders with every tool necessary to fight on their behalf.”

The General Chairs left the Winpisinger Center with a full understanding of what it takes to fight for air transport members who are on the frontlines.

The IAM Air Transport Territory District General Chairs who attended:

  • Justin Bates, Local 601, District 142 General Chairperson
  • Oralia “Lollie” Beecher, Local 2198, District 142 General Chairperson
  • Kenneth Coley, Local 1725, District 142 General Chairperson
  • Lorraine Fraser, Local 846, District 142 General Chairperson
  • Warren Glenn Jr., Local 846, District 141 Special Representative
  • Andrea Myers, Local 1886, District 141 Assistant General Chair
  • Kaleb Rosa, Local 2202, District 142 General Chairperson
  • John Staton Jr., Local 2508, District 141 Special Representative
  • Ole Staveland, Local 2202, District 142 General Chairperson
  • Danny Suafoa, Local 2202, District 142 General Chairperson
  • Gary Welch, Local 811, District 141 Special Representative
  • William Wilson, Local 1776, District 141 Assistant General Chair

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