The Daleville, AL Local 2003 Retiree Committee honored their retirees for reaching years of service milestones ranging from 30 years to 65 years and awarded pins and certificates signifying their years of service. 

A few of these members, Brothers Dennis Lee, Bobby Bowden and Jerry Obie Goodson were a part of helping to win the very first IAM contract at Fort Rucker. Several of these members were previous Grand Lodge Representatives, Business Representatives or Local Lodge Presidents, along with other various positions while they were actively employed.

It’s very important that we always remember those that have fought for us and are still supporting our fight today. Below is a list of all honored for their years of service:

    • 65 years of service: Dennis Lee
    • 60 years of service: Bobby Bowden, Jerry Obie Goodson, David Wilkinison, Bennie Segars, Charlie Box, James Preachers, Charles Weed, Fred Duff, Troy Owens, Charles Stokes, James L. Shirah
    • 55 years of service: Billy Bowman, Edward Mac Westbrook, Marcus Huggins, Ronald Murphy, Johnny L. Smith, Sterling Poole, Charles Cooper, Willie McCray, Horace Peters, Eugene Bowden, Kenneth Walker, David Martin, William Head, Ned Maddox
    • 50 years of service: Barbara Bowden
    • 45 years of service: Fred Flowers, Roy Meriweather, Edward Cowan
    • 40 years of service: BJ Cardwell, Robert Lester, Jeffery M. Smith, John Pridgen
    • 35 years of service: Shirley Knight, Tony Barnes, Patricia Smith
    • 30 years of service: Henry Perrigen

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