In July 2019, Ingersoll Rand shut down its manufacturing plant in its Buffalo-area plant in Cheektowaga, NY, affecting over 300 IAM Local 330 members.

“When Ingersoll came in things began to change,” said IAM District 65 Assistant Directing Business Representative Pete Cooney. “They weren’t interested in keeping the union as part of a team.”

“We all know, it’s not a secret,” said IAM Local 330 Vice President Jim Neureuther. “Workers are who make the money, the product and the profits.”

Ingersoll Rand outsourced some of its production capability to its Vignate, Italy facility, and continued existing production capability in its Wujiang, China facility. This plant is one of dozens of IAM-represented facilities that have closed during the Trump administration.

“The new facility in China hasn’t built a machine yet that was able to pass through the tests,” said IAM Local 330 Chief Steward Frederick Fineour. “Until they do that, they’ll continue to struggle.”

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“Ingersoll Rand’s closing was just another in a long list of manufacturing jobs lost and plants closed under the Trump administration,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “The president’s blatant disregard to protect good paying, union jobs while not penalizing companies for outsourcing is an egregious error that American workers will not forget on November 3. This company should be ashamed for what they have done to our members, their families and the community.”

“I become more incensed every time I learn about another American job being outsourced,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro Sr. “The success of these companies was achieved through the sweat and hard work of the union members they are laying off. The best way to ensure that these union jobs are not outsourced is to vote for real leadership who will penalize companies who fail to put American workers first.”

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