In July of 2018, United Technologies Corporation (UTC) informed IAM Local 755 they were going to lay off approximately 300 members from their Chula Vista, CA facility. IAM members have been making aerospace components at that location since 1941.

“They’ll go to the cheapest corner of the world to make a profit,” said Juan Villalobos, IAM Local 755 member and 20-year employee who is laid off.

UTC has been steadily outsourcing the work performed at the plant to facilities in Mexico. UTC in Chula Vista is one of dozens of IAM-represented facilities that have closed during the Trump administration.

“When I was there they were getting 118 pesos, which was less than $10, a day,” said Villalobos. “Not an hour, a day.”

“When is it going to be important for us to have U.S.A made stuff,’” said Local 755 member and 22-year employee Kimberly Lepper. “I thought Trump was going to save my job, and I wish he would’ve.” 

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“Unfortunately we live in a time where corporate greed knows no boundaries and hard-working American families are the ones who suffer,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “We need elected officials who will hold these companies accountable for offshoring jobs, not reward them with tax breaks like the current administration does. This employer and all others shipping our jobs to Mexico and elsewhere should be ashamed of themselves, putting corporate profits over American jobs”

“It makes my blood boil every time another U.S. based corporation sends our work across the border or overseas, these corporations are guilty of economic treason against the United States,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen. “We need leaders in Washington that will hold corporations accountable and penalize these companies for the economic devastation caused by outsourcing and off-shoring good paying union jobs. My heart goes out to our members who fall victim to the greed of this country’s elite – it’s time to fight back at the ballot box!”

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