At the 2022 Guide Dogs of America – Tender Loving Canines (GDA/TLC) Charity Banquet in Las Vegas last month, the non-profit honored different types of fundraising with superlatives to highlight creative events and inspire others to find fun ways to raise money.

The Machinists Wood, Pulp, and Paper Council was honored for having the “most innovative event”, a virtual barbeque that took place at the end of the summer.

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IAM District Lodge 751 received recognition for a “first-time event”, a Halloween-themed Axe Throwing tournament at Axe Kickers in Seattle, Washington.

IAM District Lodge 142 was deemed “most committed to the cause” for their in-meeting penalty donation rule: a $25 donation ‘fine’ per phone interruption in local union meetings.

The IAM applauds members’ creativity in finding new and spirited ways to raise donations for GDA/TLC, a cause the entire union is passionate about. GDA/TLC hopes that awarding superlatives to creative fundraising will inspire others to imagine more original ways to incite donations.

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