The Machinists Union is strongly urging Congress to help secure the livelihood of the nearly 40,000 IAM members working in the rail industry by passing the INVEST in America Act. This legislation will improve safety, create thousands of good-paying union jobs, and provide much-needed stability and growth to the freight and passenger rail industry.

“This legislation improves safety and creates thousands of good-paying union jobs, while providing much-needed security, stability and growth to the freight and passenger rail industry” said Chief of Staff to the International President Richard Johnsen. “The INVEST in America Act is a great first step forward in protecting and securing the livelihood of the members we represent.”

The Act addresses a wide variety of issues, including responding to dangerous changes and the deployment of new technologies in freight railroad operations, ensuring that the Federal Railroad Administration is a safety-first agency that works in tandem with rail workers, and requiring the necessary presence of a certified engineer and certified conductor on most freight trains.

The bill also includes significant investments in passenger rail, including historic funding levels for Amtrak and its operational and capital needs. It supports the growth of new rail operations, including high-speed rail.

Earlier this month, The IAM along with a coalition of rail labor organizations wrote a letter to House leadership expressing strong support for the INVEST in America Act.

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