The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center is pleased to announce the reboot of IAM Educator, an indispensable resource for union stewards.

The Winpisinger Center has partnered with UnionBase, an educational content provider for unions, to publish timely, relevant articles on representing the membership, dealing with bosses, and best practices in the workplace. Like its previous iteration, the new IAM Educator will be published six times a year and is available in English (U.S and Canadian versions), French and Spanish.

Originally developed for shop stewards, digital access will make IAM Educator readily available to every member of the union. The new IAM Educator will be digitally published on an easy-to-read platform that can be accessed on smartphones and tablets in addition to desktop and laptop computers. It will be distributed via Issuu, a digital publishing site that allows users to read publications at no cost. The Issuu app, which is available for iPhone and Android, is free. Users can follow the Winpisinger Center account via Issuu to be notified when new issues of IAM Educator are available.

We hope the membership finds IAM Educator useful and relevant to concerns in today’s ever-changing workplaces. Please direct any feedback about the IAM Educator to the IAM Educator is Back!.

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