The IAM issued a scorecard to all the sitting members of Congress for their actions and stand on critical issues that affect working Americans including workplace protections, voting rights, government agency funding, and more.

The fundamental purpose of the report card is to ensure that IAM members are fully informed about the performance of federal lawmakers.

The report includes the voting record for 10 IAM-supported bills that were voted in the U.S. House of Representatives during the 117th Congress, which convened on January 3, 2021. 

The document also includes four IAM-supported bills that had a floor vote in the U.S. Senate and the chamber’s votes to confirm nominees for top labor-related posts in the Biden administration.

“This scorecard allows IAM members, affiliates, and partner organizations to learn more about Congress members’ legislative records,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “The IAM wants to ensure that our Congressional lawmakers are fully aware that their key votes on issues of particular significance to working families will be monitored.”

The scorecard ratings to date are calculated based on IAM-supported votes that have been taken during the 117th Congress.

“We recognize that this Congress has delivered great pieces of legislation, such as the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and more,” said IAM National Political and Legislative Director Hasan Solomon. “The goal of this scorecard is for IAM members to remain vigilant and informed so they can hold their elected officials accountable and make educated decisions.”

Read the IAM Legislative Scorecard Here.

Find out where your lawmakers stand on critical issues that impact IAM members and their families here.

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