The IAM is joining with Rep. Marc Veasey (TX-33) and other lawmakers urging the Biden-Harris Administration to fully invest in the F-35 Lightning II program in the Fiscal Year 2023.

Rep.Veasey led a bipartisan group of 89 members on a letter urging the Biden-Harris Administration to fully invest in a robust F-35 Lightning II program in its Fiscal Year 2023 Department of Defense (DoD) budget request and the Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP). The letter urges strong support to this vital program so that long-term procurement and sustainment costs continue to go down.

“Not only is the F-35 critical for the national security of the U.S. as well as our allies and partners, but it is also vital to the U.S. manufacturing base,” wrote the lawmakers. “Across our country, more than 1,800 suppliers contribute to the F-35, with one in every two of those companies being a small and/or disadvantaged business. The F-35 supports more than 254,000 high-tech, high-paying American jobs annually with thousands of those workers who are skilled union members. Further, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this workforce has remained committed and resilient; they are a true national security asset. At a time when our economy has suffered the devastating effects of COVID-19, this program has continued to create jobs, foster workforce development, and spur economic opportunity.”

“I commend Rep. Veasey and other lawmakers for standing up for our members who are a vital part of the F-35 program,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “The IAM will work with our allies in Congress to highlight the national security and economic benefits of the F-35 program. We must fight to grow the F-35 program and the thousands of jobs this economic engine supports for our nation.”

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