The City of Long Beach, CA, voted Tuesday, September 6, to pass a $5.8 million budget that will provide a retention incentive and economic relief for city employee members, including 911 dispatchers, marine patrols, and library and health department workers.

IAM Local 1930 members have been calling on the city council for cost-of-living raises and competitive wages for city employees to keep up with the increasing rent and gas prices.

The City of Long Beach Council heard directly from IAM front-line workers demanding for the much-needed support as they shared their experiences for the urgent cost of living adjustment to support themselves and their families.

“The cost-of-living adjustment not only strengthens the city’s hiring and retention practices, but also provides relief for workers who have been overworked and underpaid,” said IAM Local 1930 President Natalie Gonzalez. “This victory recognizes the sacrifices made by these front-line workers as they support the City of Long Beach and to encourage them to continue their critical work, and provide them with additional financial resources.”

The City Council’s action was the culmination of a strategic push led by Local 1930 and community and labor advocates to demand fair wages for city employees. More details about the funds’ distribution will be available sometime after October 1, 2022.

“We thank IAM Local 1930 members for standing up for what they deserve after all the risks they have faced during this pandemic,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen. “This pay is long overdue and has been rightfully earned by workers who have kept this city afloat during the ongoing health crisis.”

IAM Local 1930 represents almost 3,000 city employees, including 911 dispatchers, ambulance operators, marine patrols, and library and health department workers.

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