Freight rail members of the IAM Rail Division will receive a 24% compounded general wage increase over five years if new tentative agreements reached with railroads bargaining under the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC) are ratified by the membership.

The IAM Rail Division consists of IAM District 19, the Transportation Communications Union (TCU/IAM), and the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen (BRC).

“This comes after a long, tough process that began almost three years ago and led us through every step of the Railway Labor Act, including a Presidential Emergency Board,” said Josh Hartford, IAM Special Assistant to the International President. “Since serving Section Six Notices, your IAM Rail Division leaders have fought tirelessly, advocating in your best interests and demanding a fair agreement.”

The IAM Rail Division fully supports the tentative agreements and recommends members vote “yes.”

Click here for Hartford’s complete letter to IAM Rail Division members.

Among the highlights of tentative agreements secured by the IAM Rail Division negotiating committee are:

  • IAM Rail Division members will receive the highest general wage increases (GWIs) ever achieved through National Freight Bargaining. This means a 22% GWI (24% compounded) over five years and includes $5,000 in recognition bonuses.
  • Full retroactive pay.
  • An additional paid day off for all members to use as a Personal Leave Day, Single Vacation Day, or a Personal Holiday. 
  • Enhanced hearing benefits and added coverage for diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, while protecting all the excellent benefits of our healthcare plans. 
  • A “Me-Too” clause, ensuring IAM Rail Division members will receive the same additional value if another union reaches an agreement that improves the terms of this agreement.

“Your IAM Rail Division knows the TA’s would not have been possible without all of Rail Labor standing together,” said Hartford. “We fought side by side against the carriers’ attack on wages and healthcare benefits. We stood together and pushed back against work rule changes that would have affected every rail union member. Our solidarity has resulted in a truly historic victory for IAM Rail Division members and every rail worker.”

IAM Rail Division members will receive more information and be notified of voting dates, times, and locations in the near future.

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