The IAM Transportation Department yesterday filed an application with the National Mediation Board (NMB) to investigate a representation dispute among Flight Attendants at National Airlines. A group of National Airlines Flight Attendants sought out the IAM’s assistance to form a union at the carrier and gain collective bargaining rights.

“I congratulate these brave Flight Attendants for standing up for themselves and demanding the equal treatment and respect only collective bargaining rights can bring,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “I want to assure National Airlines Flight Attendants that the IAM will stand side by side with them and spare no resource to see that they win this election and bargain a fair first contract.” 

The Flight Attendants, approximately 35, cited a lack of respect from National management, poor work rules and sub-standard pay and benefits as reasons to form a union.

“I am proud that the National Flight Attendants chose the IAM to aid in their quest for respect and fairness on the job,” said Grand Lodge Representative Joe Stassi, who spearheaded the campaign. “National Flight Attendants fly across the globe day in and day out providing essential services worldwide, including transporting US military.”

The NMB will docket the case, investigate whether a representation dispute exists and then schedule a representation election if over 50 percent of National Flight Attendants support a representation election be conducted.

National Airlines, an Orlando-based carrier, has supported industry and governments, aided military forces and provided subsistence logistics solutions to some of the most remote global locations. National Airlines has grown from a small, regional U.S. cargo airline, to one of the world’s leading air cargo carriers, and ultimately into a passenger airline.

The IAM is the largest airline union in North America, representing approximately 100,000 airline workers

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