This Friday, July 31 – Sunday, August 2 is the last chance to participate in Guide Dogs of America’s “Walk, Run, Ride… Whatever” fundraiser.

With in-person events cancelled for most of the year, Guide Dogs of America (GDA) had to come up with a new socially distant fundraiser idea.

GDA initially considered a walk, run or ride to help raise money for the school, but decided there was a way to include everyone. Now, no matter how old you are or where you live, you can participate for an hour of anything in this year’s Walk, Run, Ride…Whatever.

Register here for GDA’s Walk, Run, Ride… Whatever.

Challenge yourself, family and friends to get outside for an hour dedicated to GDA and the good work it does year round. You decide if you want to run, walk, ride a bike or motorcycle, bungee jump or whatever! The important thing is to put “fun” into this fundraiser.

Guide Dogs of America is the IAM’s favorite charity. At the beginning of this year GDA completed a merger, and now provides hardworking service dogs for people who are blind/ visually impaired, veterans, individuals with autism and facilities to become trusted companions that bring confidence, independence and mobility. Their services are provided free of charge to residents in the U.S. and Canada.

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