The Machinists Union is thanking U.S. House members and Senators who voted against the renegotiated trade pact between the U.S., Canada and Mexico (USMCA).

IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr., this week sent a letter of support to the 41 House members and nine Senators who voted against USMCA. The IAM has strongly opposed the proposed pact.

The pact, as written, lacks adequate labor standards, enforcement of those standards and other urgently needed reforms that would curtail the outsourcing of aerospace and general manufacturing jobs.

“Ten years from now when members look back at this agreement, you will be on the right side of history. You will be able to proudly stand up and say, you knew this was a seriously flawed agreement and that is why you chose not to support the USMCA,” Martinez wrote to the lawmakers. “You will be able to say you stood with working families and recognized that outsourcing American jobs was imminent and this agreement would not bring jobs back to America.”

The USMCA recently passed both the House and Senate. The legislation is now awaiting the president’s signature.

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