Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I want to thank every member who participated in the IAM’s Grand Lodge Officer Election for General Secretary-Treasurer. Our election process allowed members from across North America to have a voice in the future of our great union.

The results show that Dora Cervantes has been re-elected as the IAM’s General Secretary-Treasurer. Complete results by local lodge will be released on in the coming days.

Your union went above and beyond to ensure every IAM member had an opportunity to cast a ballot. The IAM expanded access to absentee voting and extended the deadline to receive absentee ballots for anyone who had concerns about voting safely during the pandemic.

Now is the time to join together as one union. This moment will be an inflection point in the history of the IAM. We all know that the backbone of our great union is the hardworking men and women in every local, district, and territory.

With many local lodges not hosting regular, in-person monthly meetings and members still recovering from furloughs and layoffs, we are grateful for everyone who made their voice heard in this election.

I also want to personally thank everyone who helped with the observation and counting of ballots. You took on a huge responsibility and played a critical role in protecting the IAM’s great tradition of true union democracy.

No matter how you voted, now is the time to unite and move past the campaign rhetoric so we can grow and heal our great union. Let’s turn that energy into organizing and fighting for our members at the bargaining table and at every IAM workplace across North America.

Today, we move forward as a stronger union.

In solidarity,


Robert Martinez Jr.

International President


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