IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has appointed Shane Brinton as director of the IAM’s Healthcare Department. The appointment was effective November 1, 2022.

Shane comes to IAM with more than 15 years of experience in labor and political campaign strategy, representation, and advocacy. He is dedicated to building powerful worker organizations with the industrial and political strength to remake the healthcare system to serve healthcare professionals and their patients.

“Our union is committed to increasing our footprint in the healthcare industry,” said Martinez. “It starts with communicating with our members working in the healthcare industry and developing a strategic plan to help thousands of healthcare workers join the IAM. Shane’s experience will help us accomplish that goal. We are proud to have him leading our healthcare department.”

For the past decade, Brinton has represented and bargained on behalf of thousands of healthcare professionals, including laboratory and pharmacy staff, advanced practice clinicians, behavioral health staff, physical and occupational therapists, registered nurses, and nursing support staff. Brinton’s diverse experience also includes representing a wide range of public and community service employees, including county, city, and community nonprofit workers.

The IAM Healthcare Department provides IAM healthcare members with a center of resources to organize new members and grow power in a rapidly changing and evolving industry. The IAM Healthcare Department works to bargain strong and effective agreements with employers that ensure our members have a voice in quality patient care and strategically advocate on legislation and policies that impact and govern our professions and the conditions under which we provide care to our patients.

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