Richard Johnsen, IAM Chief of Staff to the International President (IPCOS), recently visited members of IAM Air Transport Locals 1351 and 2202 in Washington State. The visit included meetings and question and answer sessions with IAM members in the Seattle (SEATAC) and Tacoma airports. 

IPCOS Johnsen has spent nearly the past year traveling the country to listen to air transport members and address their concerns in the industry. 

“Meeting and listening to our members continues to be a top priority of mine,” said IPCOS Johnsen. “I want to hear and speak with members directly and answer any questions or concerns they may have about their workplace and the IAM.”

 IPCOS Johnsen was joined on the visit around the SEATAC airport by Grand Lodge Rep Jeffrey Tobius, IAM District 142 President and Directing General Chair John M. Coveny Jr., District 142 General Chairs Kaleb Rosa, David Figueira, Jason McAdoo, Ole Staveland, Carrie Lessley, VP of Alaska Justin Bates and District 141 Assistant General Chairs Mike Maiorino, Shannon Robello, and Kyle Carroll. 

“It’s crucial for the workers to hear from our Grand Lodge Representatives. Having IPCOS Johnsen doing these stations visits is very important,” said John M. Coveny Jr., IAM District 142 President and Directing General Chair. 

IPCOS Johnsen visited with members at Alaska, American, Hawaiian Southwest, McGee Air Service and United Airlines. 

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