Sisters and Brothers,

Election Day is here. Polls will soon begin to close and we are about to start seeing results in this extremely important election.

Of course, if you have not already voted—please go make your voice heard now. If you’re on line when the polls close, you will be able to vote. Visit for where and when to vote.

Now, we must all ensure that each and every voice is heard. Machinists Union members and Americans from coast to coast have overcome a pandemic and other unacceptable barriers to vote in historic numbers. We owe it to each other to count every ballot.

We may not know who wins every race tonight—including the presidency. That’s OK.

Vote totals will shift as states count mail-in, early voting and same-day ballots at different times. That is American democracy at work and that’s OK, too.

Let’s continue to stand together and make sure every vote counts. 

In solidarity,

Robert Martinez Jr.
International President

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