IAM District 70 hosted Officer Training and Secretary-Treasurer Classes instructed by the Director of the IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center Chris Wagoner, Education Representative Joe Gruber and Grand Lodge Auditor Suzette Trout for newly elected and re-elected officers within the district’s six local lodges in June.

“Local Lodge leaders play a critical role in the life of our organization,” said Wagoner. “We want members to be informed and engaged with their union. An informed and engaged membership requires an informed and engaged leadership.”

Local Lodge Officer Training included local lodge topics such as Officer Duties and Responsibilities, Meetings and Parliamentary, IAM Ritual, Bylaw Review, Mock Meeting Preparation, Finalization, and Participation, the Audit Process, Election Overview, Overview of Grand Lodge Structure and Services, and New Member Kits/New Member Orientation.

Shop Steward Jordan Westbury, who was recently elected to serve as Secretary-Treasurer for Local 839, attended the Officer Training and the Secretary-Treasurer sessions.

“The classes were very informative, providing a wide variety of good information and resource material for the veteran officer or to those of us who are newly elected,” said Westbury. “We went over a week-long Secretary-Treasurer class in a half-day, so I appreciate that we were given the material to reference. The education is invaluable.”

“It is essential to have our local leadership trained and it was less costly for the locals to have the training brought to them,” said District 70 Secretary-Treasurer Teressa Peart. “Of the six local lodges in District 70, three of the Secretary-Treasurers that were recently elected are new to the office of Secretary-Treasurer.”

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward District 70 Secretary-Treasurer Teressa Peart along with our outstanding team of Business Representatives and staff,” said District 70 President and Directing Business Representative Cornell Beard. “Without them, this would not be possible. Together, we appreciate the collaboration with the Southern Territory, IAM Headquarters, and W3 to make these classes possible for our proud Machinists in District 70. I am super proud of the men and women who’ve raised their hand to serve the membership in their locals and to attend these classes.”

“We want to make sure these officers have the resources, skills, tools and knowledge to do their jobs as efficiently as they can for the membership,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace. “My thanks go to Director Chris Wagoner and the entire staff at W3 for making these field training classes possible.”

“It was my honor to personally be a part of this training for District 70,” said Southern Territory Chief of Staff Craig Martin. “The Southern Territory is proud to support any educational opportunity that will help us better represent our membership.”


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