Brothers and Sister,

The Local S6 Negotiating Committee spoke with the Federal Mediator for around 2 ½ hours today, discussing several debatable topics. Understanding BIW gave the Union their position on a contract proposal in their last, best, and final, they are willing to consider Union proposals.

The Local S6 Negotiating Committee has been examining additional solutions to BIW proposals that do not violate seniority or subcontract our work. We suggested a meeting in person with BIW’S team, with the suggestion that BIW brings someone with production knowledge and a decision-maker. The Mediators’ will be video linked in due to travel restrictions if BIW is agreeable.

Nothing specific was discussed from the Company’s perspective due to the Mediator’s confidentiality agreements with both parties. We have consistently been ready and willing to get back to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair contract for our members. We want the State of Maine to prosper. We want to deliver the best built ships as always for the US Navy. We should be hearing something in the next few days as to the next step of the process. We are hopeful and anticipate some form of a meeting with BIW by next week.

In Solidarity,

Local S6 Negotiating Committee