Day 2 of Contract Negotiation

The start of day 2 was approached with some obvious apprehension as day 1 was uneventful. The Company again wanted to show there predictable and regurgitated presentations of doom and gloom. Legally, the Company has the right to present what they want as do we and to delay the process would eventually lead to an unfair labor practice against the Local. So, the Negotiating Committee went back to the table, and when the Company’s presentation started our entire local S6 Negotiations Committee and District Lodge 4 rotated 180 degrees turning their backs to the Company. The Committee had to be present but nothing said they had to watch. After that distraction was over much needed progress was made. 23 no change articles were agreed on as well as the passing of multiple first proposals from both sides. A long day but our Negotiations Committee is there to work. They will continue to stand up, stand strong, and stand united to negotiate a fair contract. More updates will come tomorrow ….

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Leadership