Here we go Brothers and Sisters! 

The Company passed a few articles, one of the worst so far was “CONCEPTUAL PROPOSAL ON ARTICLE 11, OVERTIME” The Local Lodge President fired back upon receiving this garbage calling it a kick in the balls to our members and a union-busting tactic that won’t be tolerated. Going on to say that we will share this shit with our members and with the Company’s flagrant mismanagement of Article 3, Responsibilities, and all the flexibility and efficiencies how can we possibly be further behind. 

Excuses, excuses, excuses, is the only noise that came out of the Company’s mouth, don’t worry, we hit the mute button. 

BE ON THE LOOKOUT, the Negotiating Committee is putting out an alert today on other information based on more wants from Company proposals that will make you sick.

This process is so painful, we caught BIW’s General Council struggling to keep his eyes open. One time, a member of our committee timed him for 21 seconds.

All these updates that have been written and will continue to be written are by the committee and posted on our LS6 Facebook page. We appreciate all the members sharing and supporting us. 

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Negotiating Committee.