Reporting on contract negotiations day 3. Our Negotiating Committee spent the morning finalizing the remainder of their first proposals. They have been working diligently to make sure they stay on track.

Doing so, the Company responded to the Union today with 1 conceptual proposal, that’s right, conceptual! This is based on a negotiating style called “Interest Based Bargaining”. The Company proposes questions so the Union can provide answers so they now know how to formulate their formal proposal and spin it like they used the Unions ideas to create it. The committee will absolutely not participate in this process. Typical move by the Company where their abilities to manage consistently falls short but desire more control with free answers from the union. NOT HAPPENING!

Our Negotiations Committee is now in a position where the Company owes them counter proposals on 15 different articles but has yet to provide them. Our committee owes the Company NONE! They are trying to hold us hostage on all economic proposals and refusing to give us any work.

One could surmise that they want to hold out because they’re planning on jamming it up are ass and try to steal our seniority in the final days. When the Company finally passes the Union some of its proposals, the committee will share the information as it comes in. They will continue to stand up, stand strong, and stand united to negotiate a fair contract. More updates will come tomorrow….

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Leadership