2023 Negotiations: Day 7

Brothers and Sisters,

Today we had initial discussions about the following:

  • Article 17: Holidays, 
  • Article 22: Pension Plan, 
  • Article 35: General Dynamics Stock Savings and Investment Plan.

Today we reached tentative agreements on:*

  • Article 7: Classifications
  • Article 20: Wellness Program
  • Article 29: Bereavement.    

This marks the first time we’ve had conversations on the economic package for the contract. We are now engaged in talks on every remaining article that has not been tentatively agreed on. The team continues working hard and remains dedicated to the process. We desire to bring home the best contract for the membership. Updates will keep coming as they become available.

* Tentative Agreements may be subject to change.

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Negotiating Committee