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Brothers and Sisters,

Negotiations went long into the night, and frustrations continued to mount. The company has been holding out on Article 30, subcontracting. Late last night, the committee demanded that the company come forward with this article first thing in the morning. The Union has consistently shown the company, with substantiated examples, why they don’t need to subcontract and it’s a wish list item for them not to have to manage.

Union leadership had an aggressive conversation with BIW’s upper management on how devastating this process has been. Emphasizing several different issues that are simply intolerable.

  • Previous company proposals show no raises for MO3’s. That would put our brothers and sisters in a department with no raises for more than 15 years! STAND ALONE STRIKE ISSUE!
  • The company went on to say manning/demanning with no regard to seniority. STAND ALONE STRIKE ISSUE!
  • Loans with no regard to seniority. STAND ALONE STRIKE ISSUE!
  • Subcontracting our work with no regard to the Union. STAND ALONE STRIKE ISSUE!
  • The major increase in health care. STAND ALONE STRIKE ISSUE!

GDBIW has asked for all of these!

In the morning, the Union went back to the table to discuss issues with previous proposals given by the company, attempting to prove with facts, data, and compelling examples, that what they were asking for they already possessed and simply needs to be managed correctly.

The Union proposed:

  • Article 3, joint agreements on short term hardships, equal involvement in merit raise criteria and establishing a recognition program.
  • Article 7, separating the consolidated trades, putting them back to how they have historically been, along with deleting the entire efficiency gains section and driving loans back to a seniority driven system.
  • Article 10, shift changes remain seniority driven. If any mechanic wishes to go to an off shift for 3 months or less and at the conclusion return to their regular shift to be manned by most senior volunteers being compensated with instructor pay.
  • Article 32, maintain most senior volunteers, NOT a selected group of mechanics to be utilized as a tiger team but to be utilized on all sea trials which was proposed by the company.

*** We did manage to come to an agreement on Article 39, Joint Agreement Process, adjusting time frames that make sense to get through issues. ***

After we passed our proposals, the company passed over a counter to their proposal for Article 19, Compensation. The offer was a $500.00 ratification bonus and wage increases:

  • Year 1: 3%.
  • Year 2: 2%.
  • Year 3: 2%.
  • A&S increased from $250 to $260.
  • The company agreed to give the same wage progression to the M03 classification.

Depending on your medical plan and specific medical conditions that you or your family may have, the changes in healthcare could eat up the proposed wage increase.

It is important to note that your annual raise will be given every 13 months, not 12, resulting in a $1,000,000.00 annual cost savings for GDBIW. Another way the company is thinking of you!

The Union is waiting for the company to give us Article 30, Subcontracting before we provide a counter on Article 19.

Remember, we have not received a raise since May of 2015 and these dismal increases won’t make up for the losses incurred with respect to the cost of living. The company proposed the stripping of our seniority through multiple articles, and subcontracting will certainly be detrimental to each and every one of our futures. Don’t be fooled and be enticed by the shiny nickel on the ground, keep your head up marching forward. We need to keep fighting for a FAIR contract. Protecting seniority, the very foundation of our Union along with FAIR wage increases, benefits package, and job security.

We have an incredible amount of momentum; our unity is present and the company knows it. Grab everyone you can see and get them to the rallies. Encourage your brothers and sisters to stand with us. Our committee is aggressively attacking the company on their lack of knowledge and inability to provide want they want.




These updates will continue to be posted on the Local S6 Facebook page as well.

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Negotiating Committee.