Attention all Local S6 Members

Brothers and Sisters,

Understandably there has been a tremendous amount of frustration surrounding discipline, vacation time, PB time, and more. The Union has been actively engaged throughout the last few weeks with the Company, desperately trying to resolve these issues. When members ask a question, an answer should be able to be provided, simple as that. Unfortunately, for several reasons out of the Unions control, many of us have been in limbo, and with many questions going unanswered. By working with the FMCS Mediator, both parties successfully worked through the following that will be effective immediately.

  • June WILL count towards perfect attendance.
  • 217 members affected by this will be purged and achieve perfect attendance.
  • 91 members affected by this will have their discipline removed.
  • If you returned September 8th, 2020, you WILL still be able to accrue perfect attendance for September.
  • All discipline issued before strike will remain on your record for 12 months, which is and has been consistent as stated in the contract. Additionally, the months we were on strike will not affect that timeframe as previously stated by BIW. Therefore, if you were written up in March of 2020, you would come off your pink slip in April 2021. Anyone who has been told differently before today, your date will be adjusted.
  • Anyone who received a 5-day letter during the strike where BIW utilized the time frames through the strike to administer additional discipline, including discharge, are being dealt with through our legal department. Whereas BIW’s legal department has stated that those time frames do count for issuance of discipline, we must follow up with our legal team and take the necessary related action.

Local S6 is working as hard and fast as they can to resolve these and other issues. This commitment will continue and we will provide accurate information as quickly as possible. There is a tremendous amount of work that is and has to be done, with hundreds of phone calls flooding the Union Hall daily. We are not ignoring you or your issues. We have been utilizing many of our frontline Shop Stewards to help out. Understandably, you may not see a large Union presence on the shop floor currently. This is temporary. We encourage you all to continue to call your representatives and/or the Union Hall for assistance. We have not gone anywhere and will continue to proudly represent all the members of Local S6.

In Solidarity, Local S6 Leadership