We aim to communicate a positive message and a positive image of Local S6. Certain conduct, described below, works against our goal of a positive strike, can have serious financial consequences, and will not be tolerated. Picketers must comply with the following instructions:

1. There will be a designated Union staff member in charge of the picket line. You are to follow his/her instructions at all times.

2. Before picketing, check the entrances of the picket site for a strike captain. Unless directed by the designated strike captain, you may picket only at the gate that identifies the contractor you are picketing.

3. If a separate gate or a new entrance is established after you start picketing, notify the designated Strike captain immediately.

4. Do not, in any way, obstruct entrances or exits of the premises. Do not interfere with, or swarm, persons or vehicles entering or leaving the job.

5. Hold no conversations with any truck drivers or other persons who attempt to make deliveries to projects or remove material from projects.

6. Do not, in any way, encourage or induce people to leave the project or to quit work on the project.

7. The precise number of pickets allowable will depend on the size of the area to patrol. Keep the size reasonable. Gathering/swarming in large intimidating groups can lead to limits on the number of pickets and/or monetary damages.

8. You are only to carry the picket sign provided by Local S6. Do not bring your own picket sign nor alter in any fashion the one provided.

9. If you leave the designated picket area, leave your picket sign behind, cover it, or return it to the union hall.

10. Picketing is confined to public areas surrounding the employer’s premises, at the designated picketing areas. As a general rule, there should be no picketing on private property or in the streets. The picket sign should never go near a gate reserved for other contractors.

11. Conduct picketing only where you have been directed by the designated strike captain.

12. Be enthusiastic in your support of the strike. Chanting and yelling is ok, so long as your chants and yells do not contain threats, slurs, or other forms of harassment based on ethnic or national origin, color, race, religion, gender/sex, sexual orientation, etc.

13. Bells and whistles are encouraged. Do not use any drums or sound amplification devices as they are prohibited unless specifically authorized by Local S6.

14. With regard to chants about the strike, the following is approved: “Local S6 on strike, BIW unfair.” No other details should be given. Questions or requests for more specific information should be referred to the designated Union representative. Unauthorized, stray remarks can be very costly. Please direct them to the communicator Tim Suitter. Or President Chris Wiers.

15. Do not record any automobile or truck license or any other identifying information with regard to those who enter or leave the premises.

16. Do not engage in arguments. Avoid confrontations. Do not make physical contact with anyone under any circumstances. Do not throw anything at the picket site.

17. Do not behave in an intimidating manner. This includes, but is not limited to, carrying picket signs in a threatening manner, displaying weapons, following individuals to and from the picket site, making comments/references about individuals’ families, and making such comments as “we know who you are”, “we know where you live”, “accidents happen on job sites”, and “we will remember you”, etc.

18. Do not photograph or videotape people entering or leaving the premises. Do not bring cameras or recording devices to the picket line.

19. Alcohol, drugs, and weapons of any kind are prohibited on the picket line. Do not come to the picket line under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

20. Do not litter. Maintain a clean picket area. Do not scatter nails or tacks, or other material around the picket area.

21. Do not tamper with private property in or around the picket area.

22. Do not engage in unnecessary conversation with anyone other than pickets. Refer all questions to the designated Union representative.

23. In the event, you are approached by law enforcement, be cooperative, and refer them to the designated Union representative.

24. If in doubt about any of the above, contact the designated strike captain.

Be proud of what you are doing!


Stay Strong!


You are fighting for YOUR FUTURE!