Brothers and Sisters,

Negotiations Update: Day 3 of Mediation

Another long night at the bargaining table resulted in some additional movement by both parties. There were three additional articles TA’d (tentative agreement) resulting in a total of eight since the beginning of the mediation process.

The FMCS mediation seems to be a decisive influence, resulting in one of our main issues coming to a positive outcome.

The Negotiating Committee understands that it is very frustrating for our brothers and sisters to receive vague information. However, in following the FMCS mediation guidelines, that’s all the Negotiating Committee is at liberty to say. We plan to provide a fully comprehensive report, as soon as possible, in keeping with those guidelines.

The Union Negotiating Committee is hopeful that the forward progress between the parties will continue, resulting in a fair contract, and bringing all of our members back to work.

This is an incredibly frustrating, challenging, and emotional process. We recognize the future of over 4400 of our brothers and sisters is in the balance. Our committee is dedicated to a resolution that benefits all.

United We’re One. Divided We’re Done.

In Solidarity,

Local S6 Negotiating Committee