On BIW’s website, the question was asked, “Is BIW attacking seniority?” BIW’s answer was, absolutely not. In fact, the seniority article of the contract (Article 16) was agreed to by the Company and the Union earlier this week. First of all, whoever is answering these questions for the company is as out of touch as BIWs negotiating committee.

Article 16 speaks to your length of service from date of hire, occupational and nonoccupational leave of absence, the term of healthcare coverage if you’re laid off, leave of absences, and yard Injury. 

BIW straight up lied to you. The fact of the matter is, under BIW’s proposal for Article 44- Manning/Demanning, where they are trying to steal your seniority. 

No short-term loans, they want to pick anyone they want, loan you into any trade they chose, and assign you to any shift or facility for as long as they want. That’s attacking our seniority! 

Nice try BIW, this is precisely how they try to manipulate the membership, with sly/underhanded tactics. 

This is just one example of why your negotiating committee is fighting for you and the Company doesn’t like it one bit. 

BIW is trying to create a false narrative that makes them look good through lies and broken promises. All we want is a fair contract and the Company just wants to create stall tactics and play games with our members. 

The Union believes they don’t want to negotiate a fair contract and wish to take the coward way out by offering us a last, best, and final. BIW hates that we are so united and will not cower to their predictable antics. We must fight on brothers and sisters, our future counts on it. 

These updates will continue to be posted on the Local S6 Facebook page as well.

In Solidarity, Local Lodge S6 Negotiating Committee.