Brothers and Sisters,

The Union has been in talks all day regarding the $1,200.00 signing bonus. Three separate documents made reference to the date this bonus would be dispersed, which in turn caused confusion. The inaccuracy lies within the return to work F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) leaflet. The signing bonus will be distributed the next pay period on September 17th, 2020. Through today’s discussions with BIW, an effort was put forward to run another payroll cycle to try to pay the signing bonus out. Unfortunately, payroll can’t handle two (2) pay cycles in one week due to the large number of employees. The Union believes that this is unacceptable and never should have happened.

Local S6 understands the frustration many of our members have as we share in them as well. Remember, our Negotiating Committee was able to negotiate a signing bonus while out on strike. That doesn’t normally happen. There are many forums on social media where division and misinformation fracture the unity of membership. Keep in mind that for many months we have united in solidarity like never before. To be brutally honest, some people are never happy. Please don’t allow them to create negativity and sourness. The Union did not cave nor did the Union bend on any of its agreements. The Union cannot control every move made by BIW, but we can and do react. 

Our strength is in YOU!  What WE were able to accomplish during mediation to protect our Union rights took all of us! Local S6 is being revered all over the country for what WE did for the labor movement.  WE proved it’s our right to fight back and it’s our right to say NO!  WE have a long 3 years ahead of us.  WE need to continue to stay united and prove why we’re the best shipbuilders in the world!

United We’re One. Divided We’re Done.

In Solidarity,

Local S6 Leadership