Groundbreaking Victory as IAM-AFT Healthcare Partnership Wins Certification for University of New Mexico Healthcare Workers

The State of New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board recently granted the IAM Certification of Representation for nearly 100 healthcare workers at the University of New Mexico Sandoval Regional Medical Center in Rio Rancho, NM.

The Board certified the IAM to represent all full-time and regular part-time occupations, including but not limited to Patient Access and Central Registration Representatives, Clerks, Facilities Service Maintenance Technicians, Food Service Workers, Housekeepers, and more.

This organizing victory was aided by a unique joint campaign led by the IAM and the American Federation of Teachers New Mexico (AFT NM) after they filed a majority of union recognition cards for almost 500 healthcare workers at the UNM Sandoval Regional Medical center earlier this year.

“This victory is groundbreaking news for the labor movement. This is our very first IAM-AFT Joint Healthcare Organizing Partnership victory where we had two unions working side by side together on one organizing target,” said IAM Organizing Director Vinny Addeo. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen and his staff for putting their trust in this project. We also recognize the Organizing Departments’ Fabian Liendo, Gabby Rogano and Ali Rhodes for their steadfast commitment to this project.”

The IAM is proud to represent these frontline workers and will ensure they get the protections and support they deserve.

“This certification not only marks a critical step in the journey to achieve a seat at the table for these essential workers, but an opportunity to have respect and dignity on the job,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen. “We are proud to welcome the New Mexico healthcare workers to the IAM family and look forward to negotiating their first union contract.”

For their steadfast commitment to collecting signatures during a pandemic, GVP Allen gave a special thanks to Directing Business Representative Ashley Long, who worked tirelessly to change the Public Employees Bargaining Act (PEBA) Law; Grand Lodge Special Representative Gary E. Allen, who facilitated the PELBA Charges, Joe Solis, Ryan Carrillo, and Adriana Franco; and Adrienne Friend Enghouse, their AFT counterpart.

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How to Help IAM Members in Puerto Rico Affected by Hurricane Fiona

Five years after Hurricanes Maria and Irma devastated Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona unleashed a series of flooding and power outages across the island. IAM members and their families need your help to recover and overcome yet another natural disaster.

“As our Sisters and Brothers in Puerto Rico face catastrophic damages caused by Hurricane Fiona, the IAM is ready to support those who have been affected,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace. “We pray for the wellbeing of our members and stand in solidarity with all the affected families.”

Make a contribution today through the IAM Disaster Relief Fund.

The Disaster Relief Fund is able to provide immediate financial assistance to IAM members impacted by natural disasters. The IAM is often there before most monetary relief efforts can react.

Donate Today! 

All the donations made will be directly distributed to those who need it. 

Are you an IAM member affected by Hurricane Fiona?

The IAM is ready to help!

  1. Contact your Local Lodge
  2. A Territory Representative will contact you with more information
  3. Funds will be distributed to you based on a damage assessment 

Click here for more information.

Additionally, all IAM members can obtain confidential help through the IAM Employee/Member Assistance Program. Services include, but are not limited to, addictions, mental health, stress, depression, and financial hardship. 

You can reach the confidential IAM Assistance Helpline by calling 301-335-0735 or emailing

As an IAM member, you could also be eligible for a $500 disaster relief grant through the Union Plus Disaster Relief Grant program.


Cómo ayudar a los miembros de la IAM afectados por el huracán Fiona

Cinco años después del devastador paso de los huracanes María e Irma por Puerto Rico, el huracán Fiona desató una serie de inundaciones y cortes eléctricos en toda la isla. Los miembros de la IAM y sus familias necesitan tu ayuda para superar otro desastre natural.

“Nuestras Hermanas y Hermanos en Puerto Rico enfrentan daños catastróficos causados por el huracán Fiona, la IAM está lista para apoyar a aquellos que se han visto afectados”, dijo el Vicepresidente General del Territorio del Sur de la IAM, Rickey Wallace. “Oramos por el bienestar de nuestros miembros y nos solidarizamos con todas las familias”.

Haga una contribución hoy a través del Fondo de Alivio Económico de la IAM en Casos de Desastre. 

El Fondo Económico en Casos de Desastre proporciona asistencia financiera inmediata a los miembros de la AIM afectados por desastres naturales. La IAM está al pendiente de nuestros miembros antes de que otros esfuerzos puedan reaccionar.

¡Haga un donativo!

Todas las contribuciones van directamente a quienes las necesitan.

¿Eres miembro de la IAM afectado por el huracán Fiona?

¡La IAM está lista para ayudar!

  1. Comuníquese con su Logia Local.
  2. Un Representante del Territorio se pondrá en contacto con usted para brindarle más información. 
  3. Los fondos se distribuyen basados en la evaluación de los daños. 

Haga clic aquí para más información.

Además, todos los miembros de la IAM pueden obtener ayuda confidencial a través del Programa de Ayuda al Empleado. Los servicios brindados incluyen pero no se limitan a ayuda en casos de adicción, salud mental, estrés, depresión y problemas económicos.

Línea nacional de urgencias de la IAM: 301-335-0735.

Como un miembro de la IAM, también podría ser elegible para un alivio de desastres de $500 a través del Programa de Subvenciones de Asistencia en Caso de Desastre de Union Plus.


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Newly-Launched IAM Veterans Services Program Proves Huge Success in Helping Members Obtain Earned VA Benefits

Machinists Union’s Veterans Services Coordinator Richard Evans runs the IAM’s Veteran’s Services Program, helping members who are U.S. military veterans understand and apply for benefits they’ve earned after serving.

Since Evans’ appointment as Coordinator, starting April 1, 2022, the program has already

  • Won back-pay for veterans totaling more than $300,000
  • Gotten 38 veterans’ claims confirmed
  • Improved the disability status of eight veterans to 100% permanent and total
  • Helped two veterans who were deemed homeless
  • Attended and won at the Board of Veterans Appeals and identified 15 discrepancies through the Higher-Level Review process
  • Found two ‘Clear and Unmistakable Errors’ (CUE) on already-confirmed veterans’ claims (resulting in five-year retroactive benefits being awarded for a total of 50% and over $25,000 in back pay).

The 38 veterans helped have a combined 23 spouses and 42 children who will also benefit from this aid. Currently, the program is working on 74 active claims and hopes to have more wins as more veteran members learn about this resource.

Not only does the Veteran’s Services Program help veterans correctly apply for VA benefits and compensation, but it also offers aid in education, employment, home loans, life insurance, pension, health care, and burial benefits.

The mission of the IAM Veterans Services Program is to make sure veteran members and their families are taken care of and supported. To find out more about IAM’s Veteran’s Services, visit our website at

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IAM Baltimore County Public Library Employees Sign Historic First Contract

More than 400 Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) workers at 19 locations successfully completed a two-year process from voting to be IAM members to signing their first collective bargaining agreement. 

Library employees who were part of the negotiations team proudly signed the new contract with management at the Loch Raven Library in Towson, MD on September 13.

“It’s been a tremendous honor to get to this point where the agreement was finally signed with the county, the agreement was ratified several months ago and because of their budgetary process we are just now being able to get the agreement signed,” said IAM District 4 Business Representative Sheldon Barber. “The Machinists Union was instrumental in getting legislation passed that allowed the library workers to even organize in the first place.”

IAM Steward and negotiator Anita Bass member talked about the real work that now begins, saying “we have a seat at the table, we have been wanting this for a long time we are happy to be part of the IAM Machinists!” 

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